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Our Programming Curriculum


Six Months to One Year:

Recruitment and application processes for six months to one year.

Recruitment and application processes for the youth arts program.

We successfully implemented our ARTS PROGRAM/PROJECTS for future youth who's in the arts, outreach plan to recruit diverse youth to join the program.

Arts Program/Project's recruitment and curriculum design:

We worked with the selected facilitator to ensure they are prepared to lead once the program session began.

We also continue to develop and hone your curriculum so that it is ready when the session begins and ends. 

One Year to End of Program

Cycle: After the ARTS PROGRAM/PROJECT'S completes above-stated tasks, we begin the pilot session of our youth engagement program.

Throughout the program session:

ARTS PROGRAM/PROJECT'S implements curriculum and evaluation plan.


Entrance and exit surveys are an excellent way for us to gauge the effectiveness of our programs as well as areas for improvement to evaluate the ARTS PROGRAM/PROJECT'S.




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