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WOW - On 7/17/2020 Friday Night; Stop the Violence gathering will be extraordinary!

Nathan Lee stated – Our politicians must step up and fight to save black lives. I am trying to reach them through film and video.

Community activist Dr. Mary “May” Larry stated – The children's BLOOD is crying out from the soil /streets for REDEMPTION. We must begin to act to stop the senseless killing of our young people.

This event is designed to war in the spirit together to combat the violence within our community.

We must come together as a community to break the spirit of murder which has hovered over the city of Chicago for decades. Such spirits as that of the thug and the criminal remain in residence.

Chicago is strategically situated at the heart of the state of Illinois. It is the lifeline and center point, and surrounding community resident’s filter through Chicago commuting to work and/or play.

Millions are affected and many even infected. This is a supernatural spiritual fight. The second Stop the Violence gathering is Friday, August 21, 2020, at 7:00 pm at the Eisenhower Tower: 1701 South 1st Avenue #407 Maywood Illinois...

Keynote Speaker: Retired Maywood Police Officer Elder Pirsia Allen

Let's remember crime increases during warmer weather. YES, we will see you there.

Let's continue to make a difference together within our Community!

Until then.

STOP the VIOLENCE 8/18/2017

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